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A message from Eric Muhlheim & Angela Plohman

Why I
choose Mozilla

At Mozilla, we have big ambitions for the future, we want to build impactful products that are different — that are built with more respect for the people using them and help us explore new forms of openness. It’s going to take hard work that Mozilla is uniquely suited to take on. It’s why we’re here. It’s who we are. And it’s our future.

Why I build
with Mozilla

Building Mozilla stems from a harmonious blend of philanthropic vision and commercial acumen, embodying the balance between social impact and sustainable growth. Driven by the mission to serve the public good. Two examples are how we build through our Venture Fund and the amazing projects funded through In Real Life.

Mozilla Ventures, the impact fund from Mozilla, symbolizes our strategic commitment to investing in and supporting startups that resonate with our core values, as outlined in the Mozilla Manifesto. This initiative is designed to cultivate a generation of tech companies that value public benefit as much as profit, contributing to a healthier internet ecosystem.

Mozilla's Africa Innovation Mradi’s 'In Real Life Fund' (IRL Fund) is a transformative initiative aimed at advancing digital and human rights in Africa, with a focus on Eastern and Southern Africa. The inaugural cohort of the IRL Fund, announced on Africa Day in 2023, includes a diverse range of projects. These projects range from creating virtual support networks for LGBTQI+ individuals to programs aimed at equipping women with digital skills.

Mozilla Fellows &
Rise 25 Honorees

We’re proud to highlight Mozilla Fellows and Rise 25 honorees who are activists, open-source researchers, engineers, and technology policy experts who work on the front lines of our movement.

Join us in creating a better internet

We know the internet can be better. More joyful. More trustworthy. Safer, and more secure. But we can only get there if we work together. We invite you to join us as this next chapter begins.